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TSmarT Software Library
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int32_t init ()
 "Init()" function. More...

Detailed Description

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int32_t init ( )

"Init()" function.

This is the first thing that the user must do for using TSmarT. It initializes specific hardware resources (GPRS, GPS, AI, DIO, MODBUS, MSA...) and software resources (queues, mutex, tasks...) for the user application.

The way to fill in this function properly is to initialize first hardware resources and after that software resources.

This function must return: TSMART_PASS when every thing is OK or TSMART_FAIL when a failure happened.

ai_read.c, carriots_2g.c, carriots_wifi.c, cellular_2g_ftp_receive.c, cellular_2g_ftp_send.c, cellular_2g_sms.c, cellular_2g_tcp_client.c, cellular_2g_tcp_server.c, cumulocity_2g.c, cumulocity_nfc_wifi_xbee.c, cumulocity_wifi.c, db_dio.c, db_i2c.c, db_uart.c, digimesh_receiver.c, digimesh_sender.c, dio_read.c, dled.c, freertos_advance.c, freertos_basic.c, freertos_timer.c, i2c.c, i2c_master.c, i2c_slave.c, int_flash.c, lhings_2g.c, lhings_eth.c, lhings_wifi.c, modbus_master_rtu.c, modbus_slave_rtu.c, mqtt_cellular_2g_publisher.c, mqtt_cellular_2g_subscriber.c, mqtt_wifi_publisher.c, mqtt_wifi_subscriber.c, mqtt_wiznet_publisher.c, mqtt_wiznet_subscriber.c, msal_current.c, msal_digital.c, msal_voltage.c, nfc_read.c, nfc_write.c, pwr.c, rs485_receiver.c, rs485_sender.c, rtc.c, sd_efsl.c, sd_fatfs.c, sigfox_td.c, spi.c, timer.c, uart.c, watchdog.c, wifi_receiver.c, wifi_sender.c, wifi_tcp_client.c, wifi_tcp_client_server.c, wifi_tcp_server.c, wiznet_tcp_client.c, wiznet_tcp_server.c, xbee802_15_4_receiver.c, xbee802_15_4_sender.c, xbee868_receiver.c, xbee868_sender.c, xv_2g.c, xv_nfc_wifi_xbee.c, xv_wifi.c, zigbee_receiver.c, and zigbee_sender.c.