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File Struct Reference

file structure TO BE DEPRECATED –> USE FATFS More...

#include <file.h>

Data Fields

FileRecord DirEntry
FileLocation Location
ClusterChain Cache
euint8 FileStatus
euint32 FilePtr
euint32 FileSize

Detailed Description

file structure TO BE DEPRECATED –> USE FATFS


Field Documentation

ClusterChain Cache

Pointer to the cache object of the file

FileRecord DirEntry

Copy of the FileRecord for this file

euint32 FilePtr

Offsetpointer for fread/fwrite functions

euint32 FileSize

Working copy of the filesize, always use this, it is more up to date than DirEntry->FileSize, which is only updated when flushing to disc.

euint8 FileStatus

Contains bitfield regarding filestatus

Pointer to the filesystem this file is on

FileLocation Location

Location in directory