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TSmarT Software Library
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FileSystem Struct Reference

file system handler structure TO BE DEPRECATED –> USE FATFS More...

#include <fs.h>

Data Fields

Partition * part
VolumeId volumeId
euint32 DataClusterCount
euint32 FatSectorCount
euint32 SectorCount
euint32 FirstSectorRootDir
euint32 FirstClusterCurrentDir
euint32 FreeClusterCount
euint32 NextFreeCluster
euint8 type

Detailed Description

file system handler structure TO BE DEPRECATED –> USE FATFS

Field Documentation

euint32 DataClusterCount

Number of dataclusters. This number determines the FATType

euint32 FatSectorCount

Number of sectors for 1 FAT, regardless of FATType

euint32 FirstClusterCurrentDir

First cluster of the currernt direcroty

euint32 FirstSectorRootDir

First sector of the RootDir

euint32 FreeClusterCount

Free Clauster Count

euint32 NextFreeCluster

Next Free Clauster

Partition* part

Pointer to partition on which this FS resides

euint32 SectorCount

Number of sectors, regardless of FATType

euint8 type

Determines FATType (FAT12 FAT16 or FAT32 are defined)

VolumeId volumeId

Contains important FS info