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TSmarT Software Library
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MQTTPacket_willOptions Struct Reference

#include <MQTTConnect.h>

Data Fields

char struct_id [4]
int struct_version
MQTTString topicName
MQTTString message
int retained
int qos

Detailed Description

Defines the MQTT "Last Will and Testament" (LWT) settings for the connect packet.

Field Documentation

MQTTString message

The LWT payload.

int qos

The quality of service setting for the LWT message (see MQTTAsync_message.qos and qos).

int retained

The retained flag for the LWT message (see MQTTAsync_message.retained).

char struct_id[4]

The eyecatcher for this structure. must be MQTW.

int struct_version

The version number of this structure. Must be 0

MQTTString topicName

The LWT topic to which the LWT message will be published.