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tsmart_cellular_2g_t Struct Reference

Cellular 2g module handler structure. More...

#include <tsmart_cellular_2g.h>

Data Fields

ts_sl6087_if_t * sl6087_if
uint8_t * rx_buf
uint32_t rx_buf_sz
xQueueHandle notif_queue
xQueueHandle tcp_socket_ready
volatile xSemaphoreHandle mutex
volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t connection_state
volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t ftp_close
volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t shutdown
volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t notif_state
volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t ready_disable
volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t cme_disable

Detailed Description

Cellular 2g module handler structure.

This is an internal structure holding the necessary parameters for cellular 2g module operation.

This is for TSmarT's internal use only, though it has to be used as function parameter.

Predefined TSmarT CELLULAR 2G module Variables can be found in the following link:Variables (Please use these in your TSmarT programming).

Field Documentation

volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t cme_disable

Control Variable: Disable notification about CME notifications

volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t connection_state

Current connection state

volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t ftp_close

Control variable: Reports about the true FTP close notification

volatile xSemaphoreHandle mutex

Multitask proctection

xQueueHandle notif_queue

Reception of notifications queue

volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t notif_state

Control Variable: Disable the notifictions for ftp reception

volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t ready_disable

Control Variable: Disable notification about ready tcp socket

uint8_t* rx_buf

UART buffer used by the cellular 2g module

uint32_t rx_buf_sz

UART buffer size

volatile tsmart_cellular_2g_flag_t shutdown

Control variable: Give information about the direct flow tcp data

ts_sl6087_if_t* sl6087_if

Cellular 2g module interface

xQueueHandle tcp_socket_ready

TCP Socket ready queue