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TSmarT Software Library
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tsmart_gps_nmea_config Struct Reference

NMEA configuration structure. More...

#include <tsmart_gps.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t gll
uint8_t rmc
uint8_t vtg
uint8_t gga
uint8_t gsa
uint8_t gsv
uint8_t grs
uint8_t gst
uint8_t malm
uint8_t meph
uint8_t mdgp
uint8_t mdbg
uint8_t zda
uint8_t mchn
uint32_t baud

Detailed Description

NMEA configuration structure.

Field Documentation

uint32_t baud

GPS Baud Rate

uint8_t gga

GPS Fix Data

uint8_t gll

Geographic Position: Latitude longitude 0-5

uint8_t grs

GNSS Range Residuals (not supported on fw 150M)

uint8_t gsa

GNSS DOPS and Active Satellites

uint8_t gst

GNSS Pseudorange Errors Statistics (not supported on fw 150M)

uint8_t gsv

GNSS Satellites in View

uint8_t malm

GPS almanac information

uint8_t mchn

GPS channel status

uint8_t mdbg

MTK debug information

uint8_t mdgp

GPS differential correction information

uint8_t meph

GPS ephemeris information

uint8_t rmc

Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Sentence

uint8_t vtg

Course Over Ground and Ground Speed

uint8_t zda

Time & Date