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tsmart_xbee_868_config_device_t Struct Reference

XBee 868 device configuration structure. More...

#include <tsmart_xbee_868.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t multiple_transmissions
uint8_t power_level
uint8_t mac_retries
tsmart_xbee_868_flag_t api_mode
tsmart_xbee_868_fc_t flow_control
uint16_t vid
tsmart_xbee_868_flag_t security
uint8_t security_key [PR_TSMART_XBEE_868_MAX_SECURITY_KEY]
uint32_t dest_addr_high
uint32_t dest_addr_low

Detailed Description

XBee 868 device configuration structure.

xbee868_receiver.c, and xbee868_sender.c.

Field Documentation

When API mode is off(TSMART_XBEE_868_DISABLE) all sending or receiving packets are raw data. On the other hand when API mode is on(TSMART_XBEE_868_ENABLE) all UART input and output data is packetized in the API format. Default TSMART_XBEE_868_ENABLE.

xbee868_receiver.c, and xbee868_sender.c.
uint32_t dest_addr_high

Destination address high, in hexadecimal format: e.g: 0x0013a200, default 0x00000000

uint32_t dest_addr_low

Destination address low, in hexadecimal format: e.g: 0x406055FF, default 0x00000000

tsmart_xbee_868_fc_t flow_control

Set the kind of flow control. default: TSMART_XBEE_868_FC_NONE

uint8_t mac_retries

Mac Retries. Specifies the number of retries that can be sent for a given unicast RF packet. 'mac_retries' specifies the maximum number of retries, and a retry occurs whenever a unicast requesting an ACK is sent and a timeout occurs awaiting the ACK. If 'mac_retries' is 0, an ACK will not be requested nor expected, and no retries will occur. Range: 0 - 0x0F, default 0x0A

uint8_t multiple_transmissions

Specifies the number of additional broadcast retransmissions. All broadcast packets are transmitted 'multiple_ransmissions'+1 times to ensure the receiving radio(s) receive the packet. Range: 0x00 - 0xFF, default 0x03

uint8_t power_level

Set transmitter RF power. Range: 0 - 4, default 2

Security parameter enables(TSMART_XBEE_868_ENABLE) or disables(TSMART_XBEE_868_DISABLE) 128-bit AES encryption. This parameter should be set the same on all devices. Default TSMART_XBEE_868_DISABLE

uint8_t security_key[PR_TSMART_XBEE_868_MAX_SECURITY_KEY]

Security key sets the 16 bytes - 128-bit network security key value. This command parameter should be set the same on all devices. Range: 0x00000000000000000000000000000000 - 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

uint16_t vid

Radio modem Vendor Identification Number(VID). Set the user network address. Nodes must have the same network address to communicate. Range: 0x0000 - 0x7FFF, default 0x7FFF

xbee868_receiver.c, and xbee868_sender.c.