API  2.3.0
TSmarT Software Library
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tsmart_xbee_wifi_t Struct Reference

XBee Wifi handler structure. More...

#include <tsmart_xbee_wifi.h>

Data Fields

ts_xbee_if_t * xbee_if
uint8_t * rx_buf
uint32_t rx_buf_sz
tsmart_xbee_wifi_report_t packet_lost
uint8_t n_packet_lost
uint8_t api_enable
xQueueHandle ip_data_queue
xQueueHandle data_802_queue
xQueueHandle command_queue
xQueueHandle status_queue
xQueueHandle mode_queue
xSemaphoreHandle bitmap_protection
xTaskHandle reception_task
uint8_t parse_buffer [1416]
uint8_t tx_buffer [1416]
uint8_t rx_buffer [1416]

Detailed Description

XBee Wifi handler structure.

This is an internal use structure holding the necessary parameters for XBee operation. The user should only read the following parameters: n_packet_lost or packet_lost. This field reports to user about loss packets due to the fast speed of the received packets.

Predefined TSmarT XBee wifi variables can be found in the following link: Variables (Please use them in your TSmarT programming)

Field Documentation

uint8_t api_enable

Enabled/Disabled API reception task

xSemaphoreHandle bitmap_protection

Mutual exclusion to protect the memory for XBee

xQueueHandle command_queue

Queue to store received packets until user task can handle them

xQueueHandle data_802_queue

Queue to store received 802.15.4 packets until user task can handle them

xQueueHandle ip_data_queue

Queue to store received ip packets until user task can handle them

xQueueHandle mode_queue

Queue to change the reception mode

uint8_t n_packet_lost

Indicates how many packets were lost

Indicates if there are lost packets. This field can be:

uint8_t parse_buffer[1416]

Parse buffer

xTaskHandle reception_task

Task to move received packets from ISR buffer to RxQueue

uint8_t* rx_buf

Pointer to the ISR reception buffer

uint32_t rx_buf_sz

Size of the ISR reception buffer

uint8_t rx_buffer[1416]

Reception buffer

xQueueHandle status_queue

Queue to store received packets until user task can handle them

uint8_t tx_buffer[1416]

Transmision buffer

ts_xbee_if_t* xbee_if

XBee interface (board dependent)