API  2.2
TSmarT Software Library
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tsmart_xbee_zb_tx_status_t Struct Reference

Status transmision structure. More...

#include <tsmart_xbee_zb.h>

Data Fields

int8_t delivery_status
int8_t discovery_status
int8_t retries
uint16_t network_address

Detailed Description

Status transmision structure.


Field Documentation

int8_t delivery_status

Delivery status, this parameter shall be one of the following values:

  • 0x00 - Success
  • 0x01 - MAC ACK Failure
  • 0x02 - CCA Failure
  • 0x15 - Invalid destination endpoint
  • 0x21 - Network ACK Failure
  • 0x22 - Not Joined to Network
  • 0x23 - Self-addressed
  • 0x24 - Address Not Found
  • 0x25 - Route Not Found
  • 0x26 - Broadcast source failed to hear a neighbor relay the message
  • 0x2B - Invalid binding table index
  • 0x2C - Resource error lack of free buffers, timers, etc.
  • 0x2D - Attempted broadcast with APS transmission
  • 0x2E - Attempted unicast with APS transmission, but EE=0
  • 0x32 - Resource error lack of free buffers, timers, etc.
  • 0x74 - Payload too large
  • 0x75 - Indirect message unrequested
  • -1 = wrong answer
int8_t discovery_status

Discovery status:

  • 0x00 - No discovery overhead
  • 0x01 - Address discovery
  • 0x02 - Route discovery
  • 0x03 - Address and route discovery
  • 0x40 - Extended timeout discovery
  • -1 - Wrong answer
uint16_t network_address

16-bit Network Address the packet was delivered to (if success). If not success, this address matches the Destination Network Address that was provided in the Transmit Request Frame.

int8_t retries

The number of application transmission retries that took place, ( -1 indicate wrong answer)