API  2.2
TSmarT Software Library
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tsmart_xv_cellular_2g_t Struct Reference

Cellular 2g interface notification stucture. More...

#include <tsmart_xv.h>

Data Fields

tsmart_xv_type_t type_notif
tsmart_xv_cellular_2g_notif_t code

Detailed Description

Cellular 2g interface notification stucture.

This structure is only used when the cellular 2g interface is in use.

Field Documentation

This value gives information about what kind of action is needed doing, it should be:

  • TSMART_XV_CELLULAR_2G_NETWORK_FAILURE - GPRS network failure, it's necessary to attach to the GPRS network again (uses the TSMART_XV_CELLULAR_2G_NetworkAttachment() function). The IP address will change. Then if the application works with dynamic IP, it's necessary to register the new IP address in Xively middleware

  • TSMART_XV_CELLULAR_2G_STOP - An exception has happend, it's necessary to do a reset of the cellular 2G interface
tsmart_xv_type_t type_notif

Notification type