API  2.2
TSmarT Software Library
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tsmart_xv_notif_trigger_alarm_t Struct Reference

Alarm notification structure. More...

#include <tsmart_xv.h>

Data Fields

tsmart_xv_type_t notif_type
uint8_t current_value [PR_TSMART_XV_TRIGGER_VALUE_SIZE]
uint8_t threshold_value [PR_TSMART_XV_TRIGGER_VALUE_SIZE]
uint32_t feed_id
uint8_t datastream_id [PR_TSMART_XV_DATASTREAM_SIZE]
uint32_t trigger_id
tsmart_xv_trigger_type_t trigger_type
tsmart_xv_time_t time

Detailed Description

Alarm notification structure.

Field Documentation

uint8_t current_value[PR_TSMART_XV_TRIGGER_VALUE_SIZE]

Current value measured by the sensor

uint8_t datastream_id[PR_TSMART_XV_DATASTREAM_SIZE]

Datastream identification where the trigger is set

uint32_t feed_id

Feed identification where the sensor is located

tsmart_xv_type_t notif_type

Indicates the kind of notification received: TSMART_XV_TRIGGER_ALARM

uint8_t threshold_value[PR_TSMART_XV_TRIGGER_VALUE_SIZE]

Threshold value set for the alarm

Time when the alarm occurred

uint32_t trigger_id

Trigger identification

xv_2g.c, and xv_wifi.c.

Trigger type

xv_2g.c, and xv_wifi.c.